Dear Oscar,

Many Democratic and Independent voters have told me they pulled a Republican ballot for the first time just to vote for me. I am not the Republican candidate for Lake County State’s Attorney solely because of what I have done and what I have accomplished in my career as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.
I am the honored and humbled primary winner because of what all of my family, friends and supporters have accomplished in leading a true grass roots campaign comprised of a lot of hard work and sacrifice by so many across the county. These are people I love, people who know me and respect me along with many others who I have had the pleasure to meet over the past few months and who recognize that “It’s Time” to bring real justice to the office of Lake County State’s Attorney, and who concur that It’s Time for Mike Nerheim.
We proved that a grass roots campaign of the people can succeed. We proved that working together, running a positive campaign and sticking to the important issues is what the people of Lake County want and deserve.
I’d like to thank Bryan Winter and Louise Hayes for helping to make me a better and stronger candidate, and for sharing their perspectives on the key issues in the State’s Attorney’s race.
I want to congratulate Chris Kennedy on becoming the Democratic candidate whom I now run against in order to win the general election in November. I have respect for Chris as a candidate and over the coming months, I will work harder than I have ever worked before to earn the votes of all citizens of Lake County of every party.
I am going to work to bring the State’s Attorney’s Office back. To bring it the respect that it deserves on behalf of all of the good people who work there, and to make every citizen of Lake County proud of the office, and to know that real justice is being served.
We’re going to keep working and I hope I can count on your support for this campaign, and in our efforts to continue to build support across every city, village and township in Lake County. 
I invite all citizens to become part of our quest to bring change and justice to Lake County. Our work has just begun. The Primary victory is just the first step. Even though more votes were cast in the primary for me than for any other candidate in either party, what counts is what happens in November. I hope I can count on you to join my family, friends and supporters to prove that It’s Time to bring Real Justice to Lake County.

Mike Nerheim