District 60 honors 2017 retires

A total of 66 employees have announced their retirement this year.

A total of 66 employees have announced their retirement this year.

By Puro Futbol Staff

Waukegan, IL.-Waukegan School District 60 honored nearly 70 employees, with combined service of more than 1,400 years, at the annual Board of Education Retirement and Recognition Dinner on Thursday, May 25.
The dinner celebrated the accomplishments and dedication of all District 60 employees who will be retiring at the end of this academic year. A total of 66 employees, with a combined 1,409 years of service in Waukegan Public Schools, have announced their retirement this year.
Below is a list of all District 60 employees scheduled to retire, along with their years of service in Waukegan and their most recent work location.

Charlene Albert 31 Glen Flora Elementary
Debra Alley 30.5 Lincoln Center
Jack Baron 16 Glen Flora Elementary
Franklin Bermeo 28 Abbott Middle School
Belkys Boller 23.4 Welcome Center
Debra Bradshaw 20.4 McCall Elementary
Diane Bressler 25 WHS – Brookside
Judith Brusek 7.6 Child Find
Sherry Carman 30 Lincoln Center
Agnes Clifford 11 Glen Flora Elementary
Robert Crittendon 11 WHS Brookside
Michael Deconte 29 WHS – Washington
Patrick Dillon 21.8 WHS – Brookside
Cynthia Dondlinger 31 Webster Middle School
Catherine Dummer 30 WHS Brookside
Craig Durben 8.1 WHS – Brookside
Sandra Edelstein 8 Lincoln Center
Dorothy Evenhouse 23 Cooke Magnet School
Truedy Falvey 12.3 Hyde Park Elementary
Virginia Fiocchi 12 Abbott Middle School
Grant Flink 21 AOEC
Leonard Francis 20 WHS – Brookside
Danette (Penny) Franklin 15 Abbott Middle School
Leticia Garcia 26 Lincoln Center
Ellen Gordon 16 McCall Elementary
Patricia Grissom 24.7 Clark Elementary
Roosevelt Harris 6.5 WHS – Washington
Judith Hartke 32 Clark Elementary
Nan Heim 20 Lincoln Center
Steven Hejnal 4.4 Lincoln Center
Brian Jacks 22 WHS – Washington
Narcedalia Jasso 24 Lyon Magnet
Melvin Johnson 25.5 Washington Elementary
Mary Keaton 15 AOEC
Marian Kilbride 23 Washington Elementary
Roger Kramer 13.4 Jefferson Middle School
Karen Kuester 21 North Elementary
Bonnie Kuss 32 Lincoln Center
Nancy Laine 34 Glenwood Elementary
Jane Lambiris 28 Greenwood Elementary
Jeanne Larocca 15 WHS – Washington
Diane Logan 17 Hyde Park Elementary
William McArdle 15 WHS – Brookside
Cheryl McArdle 15 WHS – Washington
Donna Millard 21.3 WHS – Brookside
Sonja Miller 12.3 Glenwood Elementary
Ellen Montgomery 12Whittier Elementary
Patricia Noble 27 WHS – Brookside
Audrey Ochoa 22 Lincoln Center
William Ray 11 AOEC
Sharon Reinwald 19 Little Fort Elementary
Laurie Rickerd 33.5 WHS – Washington
Joyce Riddle 21Abbott Middle School
Kathleen Romans 37.6 Abbott Middle School
Olga Sanchez 11 Oakdale Elementary
Kathleen Schwarz 27 Lincoln Center
Paul Smith 18 WHS – Washington
Eileen Sokolowski 35 Clearview Elementary
Karen Spires 18 Cooke Magnet School
Barbara Steinseifer 43 Washington Elementary
Joanne Taylor 26 Abbott Middle School
Jeffrey Tylkowski 26 Abbott Middle School
Susan Vanca 31Abbott Middle School
Lamar Williams, Sr. 20.6 AOEC
Elizabeth Wolkoff 28 Glenwood Elementary
Debra Young 15 Whittier Elementary

The dinner celebrated the accomplishments and dedication. (retires 1)
/Photos: Courtesy WPS 60